Female Header, Single Row – 40 pin

Female Header, Single Row – 40 pin
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  • Female Header, Single Row – 40 pin
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Header pins are all purpose connectors used in many projects. The have been called the Duct Tape of electronics. You can not only use them for connecting circuits together, but they are great for making pluggable parts for solderless breadboards.

This header is an all-purpose length. To use in your projects, just cut off as many pins as you need. The best way to make the right sized header is by cutting it with a pair of diagonal cutters. With the female headers, you can’t simply cut in between pins like you can with male headers. Instead, you need to sacrifice a pin every time you make a cut. Choose the number of pins you want and then make your cut in the middle of the next pin over. Then trim the end with your cutters.


Pin Spacing: 0.1″ (2.54mm)

Pin Length:  0.24″ (6mm) & 0.12″ (3mm)

Datasheet: Click here

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