Male Header, Single Row, Right Angle – 40 pin

Male Header, Single Row, Right Angle – 40 pin
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Header pins are all purpose connectors used in many projects. The have been called the Duct Tape of electronics. You can not only use them for connecting circuits together, but they are great for making pluggable parts for solderless breadboards.

This header is a break-away kind. It can be easily broken into the exact number of pins desired. The best way to make the size you want is to grip one side of the break point firmly with your needle nose pliers and break away the other part with your hand. You can also try to cut them with diagonal cutters, but I have found that doesn’t always work very well; breaking them apart is very reliable to get the number of pins desired.


Orientation: 90 degree angle

Pin Spacing: 0.1″ (2.54mm)

Pin Length:  0.24″ (6mm) & 0.12″ (3mm)

Datasheet: Click here

Male Header, Single Row, Right Angle – 40 pin by Provide Your Own is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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