Potentiometer, Linear

Potentiometer, Linear
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Potentiometers are a staple of almost every electronics project. By providing an broad variable resistance, they can be used just about anywhere you need to adjust a circuit parameter.

The ‘pots’ are the popular linear taper which means that the resistance varies linearly with the angle at which it is turned.


To install, drill a 7.5mm (9/32″) hole for the shaft and another 3.0mm (1/8″) hole, 7.8mm (0.31″) away for the locking pin. Alternatively, you can just snap the locking pin off with a pair of pliers and just rely on the nut tension to hold it into position. Of course, the latter is no guarantee that the pot will not turn in the hole at some point.


  • Style: Side Adjust
  • Mounting: Solder Lug
  • Rating: 1/2 Watt
  • Type: Linear
  • Shaft: 6mm x 15mm
  • Tolerance +/- 20%
  • Values:  1k, 10k, 100k, 1M

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