Screw Terminal – 5mm, 2-pin

Screw Terminal – 5mm, 2-pin
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  • Screw Terminal – 5mm, 2-pin
  • Screw Terminal – 5mm, 2-pin
  • Screw Terminal – 5mm, 2-pin
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There are many times when you need a connector that accepts just the end of a wire. Screw terminals are a popular choice. The most common screw terminal sports a 5mm pin spacing which is close to 0.2″. These terminals offer a good compromise between small size, yet large enough to easily attach a wire.

These terminal blocks are also stackable, which means you can assemble any number of pins simply by connecting multiple 2-pin and 3-pin blocks together. They actually slide firmly into attachment with each other to form one monolithic block. Since these terminal blocks do not have exactly 0.2″ pin spacing, you will need to layout your PCB pads for a 5.0mm spacing. For short runs (5 or less pins) these will easily fit both 5.0mm and 0.2″ spaced pads.


  • Number of Positions: 2
  • Pin Spacing: 5.0mm (0.197″)
  • Wire gauges: 12 – 24 AWG
  • Current Rating: 10A, 300V
  • Insulation resistance: 1000VDC
  • Footprint library (DipTrace): Click here

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