Solder Pen Dispenser

Solder Pen Dispenser
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  • Solder Pen Dispenser
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Ever since I discovered this incredibly handy way to handle solder, nothing else even comes close. With this solder pen dispenser, you can say goodbye pulling solder off a bulky spool or fumbling with those clumsy coils in a tube.

Handmade here in the USA, these pen dispensers are made from real ball point pens, so they are just as easy to hold. Instead of ink, the pens are filled with a tight coil of solder that dispenses out the tip just like a pen. It is comfortable to hold in the hand and you gain incredible dexterity and accuracy for those tight spots in your circuit.

While it is easy to make your own at home, it is difficult to find a ball point pen where you can remove the end cap without damaging it. These pens have an easy to remove end cap and can be refilled with ease.

We currently offer them filled with 1.0mm diameter 60/40 solder. This is a good general purpose solder that will work well for any circuit – even on SMD components. It has a nice low melt point and a diameter that provides a good balance to handle both small and larger soldering jobs.

Do yourself a favor and give this wonderful dispenser a try. You will no regret the gains in ease and productivity that you will enjoy when using it.


Credit for the original idea go to Jason for his instructable on how to make these.

Solder Pen Dispenser by Provide Your Own is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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