Spring Terminal, 3-pin

Spring Terminal, 3-pin
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  • Spring Terminal, 3-pin
  • Spring Terminal, 3-pin
  • Spring Terminal, 3-pin
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There are many times when you need a connector that accepts just the end of a wire. Screw terminals are the usual choice, but they suffer from a couple of disadvantages. The first is the need for a screwdriver. While this can be an advantage in some applications, it is a¬†hindrance¬†in others. The second is the pin spacing. Most screw terminals have a 0.2″ spacing which is rather large. It also lacks versatility to permit other types of connectors such as 0.1″ spacing headers.

These spring terminals solve these potential problems as well as other advantages:

  • Tool-free – no tools are required for attachment or removal; only a fingertip is needed.
  • 0.1″ pin spacing – much smaller spacing than most screw terminals
  • Standard pin headers can be substituted in the same PCB when required

NOTE: These spring terminals are stackable. You can combine 2, 3 or 4-pin units together to make any larger size that you need. To do so, simply pry off the left side panel and insert another unit. Please note that because of the extra panel on the left, they will require a small amount of extra space on your PCB to accommodate it. Please examine the datasheet carefully before designing your PCBs.


Pin Spacing: 0.1″ (2.54mm)

Datasheet: Click here

Footprint library (DipTrace): Click here

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