Throwies – 10 Piece Assortment

Throwies – 10 Piece Assortment
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This kit contains 10 leds (2 each of 5 colors) along with a coin cell battery to power them and a small powerful rare-earth magnet. These three items are combined to produce a glowing dot that can be tossed onto a surface made of steel and they will stick. These are popular in New York and other cities.

Using them is simple. You simple pinch the coin cell between the two leads of the LED so that it lights up. Then wrap the assembly with masking tape. Then add the magnet and wrap it with tape as well. They will glow brightly for hours. Make up a bunch ahead of time and join with friends in lighting up your favorite steel wall or structure.


  • Number of LEDs: 10
  • Colors: one each of red, yellow, green, blue, and pink
  • Package: 5mm
  • Battery: 1220 Lithium 3v cell (10 supplied)
  • Magnet: 8mm neodymium¬†(rare-earth)
  • Lifetime when lit: 3 to 5 hours brightly; all night at lesser intensity

Throwies – 10 Piece Assortment by Provide Your Own is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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