Wafer Connector, Male

Wafer Connector, Male
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Wafer connectors are very similar to headers. The big difference is these connectors are more suitable as actual connectors as opposed to a place to attach some wires. Here are the particular differences and similarities:

  • These connectors are polarized which means you can’t plug the mating connector in the wrong way.
  • The male connector is attached to your pcb, while the female is attached to a wire cable.
  • The female connector is crimped on, so no soldering is required (soldering is optional though).
  • The pin spacing is the same as headers – 0.100″, so they are compatible with each other.


First, solder this connector to your PCB. Then, crimp the terminals to your wiring cable. Next, insert these terminals into the female housing, observing the correct polarity of the connection. If you make a mistake in the wiring order, you can easily pull the pins out and reinsert them.

NOTE: On crimping, regular electricians wire strippers are too big. There is probably a special crimping pliers made somewhere, but the task is easily accomplished by needle nose pliers. If you are like me and suffer from the inability to make a crimp that doesn’t come loose, you can also add a dab of solder  to the connection for extra security.


  • Number of Pins: 2 to 6
  • Pin Spacing: 0.1″ (2.54mm)
  • Sex: Male

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