Wall Adapter, Switching Power Supply – 5 volts, 2 Amps

Wall Adapter, Switching Power Supply – 5 volts, 2 Amps
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Bulky “wall-warts” using those heavy square transformers are so yesterday. We carry a variety of really nice power adapters using switch-mode power supplies. They are light, efficient, and fit sideways in A/C sockets and power strips so they don’t take up any more room than a standard plug. They won’t block other outlets, so you can plug multiple adapters into a single power strip.

The output is completely regulated supplying a steady 5 volts all the way up to a whopping load of 2.0 amps. The DC plug fits standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel jacks. The tip is positive. See our article – All About DC Barrel Jacks/Plugs for more information on compatibility.

The A/C plug on this adapter is for the US, but it is designed to work anywhere in the world, using 100V to 240V A/C wall voltages; a low cost plug adapter is the only thing needed.


  • DIY Arduino boards & other 5 volt electronics. It works fine with AVR microcontrollers without need for an extra 5 volt linear supply. Just be sure to add a filtering bypass cap near your chips pins.
  • USB Charging station. If you take an existing powered USB hub, and replace the 500mA power supply with this one, you can charge a lot of stuff at once.

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