Welcome To Provide Your Own

Why wait for the government to do what you want? Why trust in the pharmaceutical industry to make you well? Why be dependent on an employer to make a living?

Here at Provide Your Own we want to empower you to help yourself. Instead of waiting for others, relying on experts, being dependentĀ  on someone else, with a little help from us you can take charge of your own life. Just click on the image tiles above to speed you on your way.

  • Instead of eating the junk grown by Agribusiness, don’t you want to… Provide Your Own Food?
  • Why wait for the power to go out in the next storm? Provide Your Own Energy.
  • Have you ever known doctors to make anyone with heart disease, cancer or diabetes really well? Provide Your Own Health.
  • Have you ever wanted to have something no one makes or more suited for your needs than theĀ  items off the shelf? Do you want more independence from multi-national corporations? Provide Your Own Technology.