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What We Are About

Here at ProvideYourOwn, we celebrate life. We also celebrate freedom. To those ends, we want to enable self-sufficiency or DIY. We are not Luddites, however, we welcome technology and the ways it can enhance our life. We want to be the master of this technology and not its servant.

Too often, technology and industrial society enslave us. In fact, the entire history of the world since industrialization began is one of enslavement. It is not the technology that is enslaving, but the misuse of it and the system built around it. We believe in freedom and prosperity. When you can provide for yourself, even things normally requiring factories to mass produce, you become empowered. When you become empowered, you gain some measure of freedom.

Man has always been dependent on his fellow man. His fellow man has often used this dependency to gain power over him. By providing for yourself, you can gain freedom from the oppressor. While we can never be truly independent, we can become less dependent. Each step we take towards this end gives us that much more control over our lives. Here at ProvideYourOwn, we want to help you make those steps. Some of the areas we hope to empower are:


The noose is tightening around our neck as we speak. Men throughout history have tried to control the food supply. By controlling food, they can control people. Never has the power over food been concentrated in as few hands as it is now. If you can grow your own food, even in part, you can break free from this control. Food may appear cheap and abundant now, but will it always be so. Observe the signs of the times. Can you always count on that food being there?


Before the industrial revolution, most people did not have jobs. They were either farmers or craftsman. While they weren’t necessarily free, they at least at the security of steady work for the most part. Today, steady employment is no longer a given. Who knows how long that job will last. If it ends (or has already), will another one come along. If you do find a job, will it pay a decent wage? Manufacturing jobs have been leaving the US for decades. What will take their place? McDonald’s?

There is another course. Provide your own job. When you create your own work, you are in control. You don’t need to worry about manufacturing going to China. Begin your own manufacturing here or wherever you are. We are here to help you do just that.


Many people believe that peak oil is going to mean the end of industrialization. That is nonsense. Energy in a useful form is not dependent on supply, but on human ingenuity. I cannot go into detailed explanation here (see the Bottomless Well for a full dissertation on the subject), but the bottom line is there is a lot you can do to create your own supplies of energy. We will be devoting a lot of resources to that end. As our work progresses, you will learn to provide your own heat, hot water, cheap solar electric and independence from the power grid.


Health of today’s American’s is in rough shape. Chronic disease afflicts nearly everyone, and our current health care system is powerless to do anything about it. In fact, all they can do is make things worse. Here at ProvideYourOwn, we hope to change that prognosis, at least for our readers. Once you learn the principles of good health, you can take control of your own health. You won’t have to worry about the high costs of health care, because you need it for the most part. You’ll learn to enjoy good health without drugs or other crutches. Best of all, you’ll gain freedom from the pharmaceutical/medical-industrial complex.

Other Topics

There are other areas we plan to provide empowerment such as:

  • Technology – learn to make, repair and hack your own electronic and computer equipment
  • Education – make learning an independent and lifelong endeavor
  • Security – provide for your own safety and security instead of looking to others

Who Are We

This website is the brainchild of Scott Daniels. Scott has spent his entire life trying to provide for himself – sometimes too much so. With his vast experience as engineer, software developer, farmer/nurseryman, follower of Christ, husband, homeschooling father and musician, he desired to share his experiences and resources to help others to become more self-sufficient, self-empowered and free. He welcomes others to help contribute to this site.

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