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Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

I have insomnia. I admit it. I have trouble getting to sleep at night. I don’t know about you, but it has been difficult for me to face that fact, and even harder to face that word. Me, insomnia? It’s like when my doctor told me I had asthma; I didn’t want to acknowledge it.

I knew I had trouble going to sleep at night. I worked on the computer at night oftentimes, and I just wouldn’t be sleepy at bedtime. I compensated by staying up until I did get sleepy – usually around 1 or 2 AM. However, going to bed that late creates its own problems. For starters, it is well documented that going to bed after midnight disrupts your hormones and causes immune system deficiencies. It gave me chronic fatigue.

I don’t have documentation, but I believe, that as part of the hormone disruption I mentioned, going to bed too late causes cortisol deficiency. This deficiency in turn causes the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

After discovering the nasty consequences of going to bed too late I tried to mend my ways. I started going to bed around 10 to 11PM, though often as late as midnight.  It … Read the rest

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