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Want to Die From Cancer? – Get Chemotherapy

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A new study (NOTE: link is invalid, see update at end of article) from mainstream sources has not only confirmed that chemotherapy does more harm than good, but discovers the mechanism by which chemotherapy almost ensures death by cancer. This finding is nothing new to those who have much experience with the medical industry’s track record in treating cancer. The typical process experienced by most cancer patients is as follows:

  1. Get biopsy confirming cancer
  2. Become scared and sign up for whatever treatment the doctor recommends – usually chemotherapy
  3. Endure months of living hell (from the chemo) and withdraw from normal life
  4. Doctor declares the cancer is gone and a new day dawns
  5. Six months to a year later, the cancer returns
  6. More chemo, radiation, etc. – nothing works now and despair begins to set in
  7. Doctor says nothing more can be done and gives up
  8. Patient looks to natural alternatives and usually heads to Mexico
  9. By this time, even natural methods don’t work and patient finally succumbs

I don’t have exact statistics, but I would venture that this scenario is played out with some variation about 90% of the time or more. As I mentioned in this article, as … Read the rest

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Make Your Own Money Pad

You’ve just got to love this. Steve Wozniak uses a pad of $2 bills in sheets as spending money. It is real money, but perforated and glued on top like a regular pad of paper. See the interview and read Woz’s own account for how he uses these for laughs.

You can buy your own currency sheets in many demonations ($2 ones are sold out right now), but unless you have deep pockets like Woz, it isn’t practical for most people. One thing is for sure – Wozniak sure has a creative mind. No wonder he is so successful.

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