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Repairing Things

How many times have you thrown something away because some little piece of plastic broke? The item was perfectly serviceable, save for that cheap little plastic part. I can’t count the number of times it has happened to me. Times are tougher now. Many of us just can’t afford to throw away things because of such small issues. Not to mention the other downsides of a throw-away society – toxic waste, exploitative multi-national corporations, dwindling resources, etc. Which leaves us in a quandary. How do we fix these things?

That is where I bring good news. In most cases, you do not need to throw these things away anymore. You can repair them. Even if they are plastic. I just posted clear instructions, complete with photographs and even video on how I repaired a large hole in a plastic automotive part. You can view it here:


Repaired air handler cover for car

I also recently salvaged an expensive vacuum sealer machine which had a crucial plastic clip that broke off. I used super-glue to join it back on, and then reinforced it with hot glue. It works great now.

Another recent repair was to a used refrigerator we had bought. In many older refrigerators, the … Read the rest

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