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Nuclear Radiation Exposure – What you need to know

We live in a nuclear age, and risks from radiation are all around us. Disasters, both natural and man-made, can cause reactor malfunction and even a melt-down. The recent earthquake in Japan with its unfolding nuclear reactor problems demonstrates the severity of this risk. Not only is much at stake for the Japanese people in this situation, but anyone downwind of the fallout is also in danger of possible radiation exposure, including areas of the US. Reactors are not the only source of risk either. Dirty bombs, real nuclear bomb detonation, and even airport scanners are sources of dangerous radiation exposure.

Radiation is a both mysterious and invisible. Things we can’t see often frighten us because we don’t understand what is going on. In this article I will attempt to take out some of the mystery. I will also provide guidance on how to deal with the potential health dangers. While radiation is potentially deadly, it is better to keep all things in proportion, lest we be terrified of our own shadows. After reading this article, you will be better equipped to assess the risks to your family and have some ideas on how to treat or prevent them.


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