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Energy prices are high and going higher. At the same time your budget is shrinking. Risks are higher than ever of short or long term electric power outages – from storms, crumbling infrastructure and even solar flares. What can you do? Provide your own energy.

Here at Provide Your Own Energy we give you the tools and information you need to not just save energy, but to actually create your own energy. Just think about it – no more worrying about power outages, high power bills, sky-high heating bills. No more. By creating your own energy, you provide an environmentally friendly lifestyle for yourself, save money and best of all – provide your own energy security.

The Coming Energy Revolution

With ever rising energy prices and the constant talk of peak oil, the future appears to be very grim. Entire segments of our society are so sure of the demise of modern life that they are already planning for a post-oil era – a time when energy is scarce and expensive.

I hate to be the one to disappoint them, but while we are entering a post-oil era, it is not an era of scarcity. Just the opposite. Instead of reverting back to horse and buggy in the not too distant future, energy will become so abundant that the need for crude oil will go the way of the need for whale oil. How can I make such a fantastic claim, especially when all the facts seem to be to the contrary? The answer is simple – there are massive changes under way that will dramatically change the way we obtain, store and transmit energy. They are plain to see if you know where to look, but very few people are looking. Instead, they are focused on the old sources and paradigms. The new sources and paradigms are gaining steady headway and soon will overtake the old ones. When … Read the rest

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