The Art of Painting Signs

Maybe you have never needed to paint a sign before. Or maybe you have, but have been too intimidated to try. Well, fear no longer. I found this great article by Rob Rohde-Szudy detailing some techniques the author tried and what he found successful. His application was painting a design on his boat.

Here’s an excerpt to get your mouth watering:

A little history

Here we are touching on the old and dying art of sign painting. When Ole Evinrude was selling his first outboard motors, every city had sign painters. It seems like a mundane trade, but these guys were artists of the highest caliber. Don’t believe me? Try painting some lettering on a vertical surface. Try to make it look really sharp and professional. Go ahead! I’ll wait.

See? I told you it was hard!

These professional sign painters painted lettering all day, every day. They could paint signs as fancy as anything we can do on a computer with nothing more than a collection of brushes and their highly-trained eyes and hands. Actually, some of the fonts you see on your computer came from styles painted by sign painters. Now, of course, computers and modern printing methods can do the same jobs with labor of much lower skill. (Like mine, for example.)

Still, sometimes you want it in paint.

Check it out!

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