#1 Cause of Accidental Deaths – Not What You Think

Do you know what the #1 cause of accidental deaths in America is? Is it:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Car Accidents
  3. Gunshots
  4. None of the above

If you answered number 4, go to the head of the class. The #1 cause of accidental deaths is no longer car accidents, but drugs. Not just illegal drugs mind you, but legal drugs as well. In fact the number of deaths due to legal drugs far outnumbers those for illegal drugs.

Most people are not aware of the extreme dangers of legal pharmaceutical drugs, even ones available over the counter. Did you know that taking Tylenol even as indicated or prescribed can lead to liver failure? Did you know that the FDA’s main interest lies in maximizing pharmaceutical companies profit rather than public safety? That’s right. The head of the FDA is a political appointee. Who gets appointed? Whoever gives the most to the president’s campaign. In this case, the big drug companies name their man – usually a former CEO of one of them. Just do some research on Donald Rumsfeld and aspartame if you don’t believe me.

Another way in which drugs become more dangerous is when they go off patent. A drug may be actually fairly safe, but when its patent expires, it no longer can bring in the big profits for the drug company. A common response is to develop a new drug that often does not work as well and is more dangerous to replace the former drug. It is of course touted as new and improved, even though it is not. What is new and improved is the profits for the drug company.

The best solution to this health problem is twofold. One is to abolish all drug patent protection. These patents do not foster innovation. As proof, just look at the nutraceutical industry. The companies in this industry are continually developing new nutritional supplements that are safe and good for you. They are very profitable and have no patent protection. Abolishing patent protection would eliminate the perverse approach to drug innovation. Drug companies could focus on providing products for the betterment of health instead of products to maximize their profits under the patent cycle.

The second change would be to eliminate the FDA. The FDA is nothing but a gang of thugs employed to harass and assault providers of health supplements, Amish farmers providing raw milk, and anyone else that contributes to public health unrelated to drug company profits. Just ask yourself – are we as a nation becoming healthier or sicker? If we are becoming sicker, why do we want to continue supporting the current system? Abolish the FDA and drug company patents, and the public health will soar.

Until that day comes, what can we do to reduce this high risk of death for ourselves and our loved ones? In the true spirit of Provide Your Own, if you avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible (best to avoid them entirely), you can easily cut your highest risk of accidental death. Stop eating vegetable oils (olive and coconut oil excepted), food that comes in a package, and drastically reduce your intake of carbs. Start taking fish oil, vitamin D-3, and other nutritional supplements.

Do these simple things and your personal health will soar. You will rarely need to resort to drugs of any kind. If you do come to a point where a drug is prescribed, a small change to your diet along with certain dietary supplements will correct most health conditions without needed to resort to drugs. When it comes to drugs – just say NO.


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