Getting around at the Mall

Don’t you sometimes wish for a little power assist when shopping big places like the mall and box stores? Check out this one-wheel Segway/Unicycle cross. You stand on it, so it is kind of like a unicycle that you must stand on. The source maintains it goes 15 miles on a 2 hour charge. It sounds like it might have some kind of use. With all the DIY Segways being built (see here & here), this one should be just as easy.

One idea I have is making an electric skateboard that starts and stops when you step on/off it. I think it would be easier to use. The only downside is restrictions on skateboarding due to misuse by kids. I think heelies are also great, but also banned in most stores.

Could an electric heely be built? Would store personnel kick out a responsible adult using any of these devices? I can really see their use in the big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes. Sometimes you get tired when you have to transverse the entire store several times.

Any ideas? Please contribute some of your own ideas and projects in the comments section.

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