When something goes wrong…

I love to build and sail wooden boats when I have the time. One of my favorite boat designers – Ross Lillistone, has written a very encouraging article on how to deal with obstacles and mistakes made when working on a project.

Although the article is geared toward boat builders, it contains good advice for all of us. Frequently we make a big mistake in our project. It then leaves us frustrated and we often abandon the project. Abandoned projects are very hard to come back to. Instead of being stymied by setbacks, we should correct the mistake as best as we can and continue on. It is the overall quality in a project that makes the difference – not the absence of any mistakes. Don’t let perfectionism stand in your way.

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    קורס הזרקת בוטוקס…

    … בוטוקס – הניתוח הנפוץ ביותר בתחום זה ייקבעו על פי שני גורמים: הפגיעה האסתטית וגיל המטופל, כלומר – עד להתפוגגות חשש זה. בעיתונות המקומית דווח מיד אחר הפרסום של ה-fda בהבלטה ובהגזמה כי השי… When something goes wrong… ……

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