Novel Ideas for LED Lighting

This article describes some wonderful new applications envisioned for LED lighting. While many of the links don’t work, it still contains some great photos of LEDs being used for decorating buildings, night-time gardens and more.

I can’t help commenting on the article’s main premise – that LEDs will lead to greater energy use than incandescent lights. This is absolutely true, but it is not a bad thing. As pointed out in their excellent book The Bottomless Well any time energy efficiencies are achieved, greater energy use is the result. The main reason for this effect is because of new applications found for the new technology. LEDs are a perfect example.

Some might be saying, “but we are in an energy crisis, don’t we need to conserve energy?” The answer is that the energy situation might be in a state of flux right now, we are in no way in a shortage. The US is on the verge of developing massive petroleum deposits which will make it a leading producer in a few years, and the price of solar is dropping to the point where powering our lights and appliances is now at the point that almost everyone can afford it – even the poor in limited amounts.

Let’s welcome the LED revolution and light up our world as never before. Not with gaudy street-lights that spoil the night-time skies, but in our homes, gardens, patios, sidewalks and buildings. Bring on the colors. Dispel the dark shadows. Bring on the light!

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    Yeah there’s petroleum deposits .. and developing them will destroy the environment. I thought your site quite interesting until i read this post. Thanks but no thanks.