Alzheimer’s and Lyme Disease: Caused by Disruptions in Food Chain

When we look closely at the causes of lyme disease and Alzheimer’s, we find its origins in the food production system.

Source: Alzheimer’s and Lyme Disease: Caused by Disruptions in Food Chain

Alzheimer’s has reached epidemic proportions, now the third largest cause of death (not counting deaths by the healthcare industry). While medical researchers continue to search for a cause, this article cites two principal causes. The first one rest on some pretty solid evidence, and the second one is yet a theory, but one that might be worth considering.

The first cause is the one most easily preventable – excess sugar consumption. The cause of the obesity epidemic should be no surprise to health conscious individuals. It is not the consumption of excess fat as is commonly supposed, but excess consumption of carbs and sugars, primarily the latter. The surge of soft drink consumption (both diet and regular) along with supposedly healthier fruit juice has moved lock-step with the obesity explosion. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Excess sugar consumption causes not only obesity, but also type 2 diabetes. Alzheimer’s has been called type 3 diabetes by some. Do you want to avoid Alzheimer’s? Ditch the sodas and fruit juice. Minimize the consumption of junk food and empty carbs.

The second cause cited is a bit more esoteric. It is just a theory right now, but it bears worth watching. This theory is that rogue proteins found in feed-lot beef are causing brain deterioration similar to mad cow disease, but at a slower pace. These proteins are not naturally occurring, but are caused by feedlot conditions and the type of feed being given to cattle. The suspected feed ingredient causing the malformed proteins is chicken litter harvested from confinement chicken houses. Yes, you read that right – chicken poop is one of the ingredients in feedlot beef.

A simple step to avoid these rogue proteins is to eat only beef from grass-fed cows. However, the article states that these proteins may actually be of a contagious nature, meaning that eating even a small amount of feedlot beef, say from a restaurant or a friend’s house may be enough to do the damage.

I am hesitant to jump to any rash conclusions. It is likely, most of us have already been exposed to feedlot beef and will probably be again from time to time. Of course, at home, I recommend only eating beef from grass-fed cows. The benefits go far beyond avoiding Alzheimer’s, including helping to prevent cancer. I certainly don’t recommend vegetarianism or its even worse variant – veganism. Veganism in particular can bring about a myriad of health problems due to malnutrition. An all vegetable diet, especially one that contains grains, is a recipe for a health disaster. Vegetables are good. Meat, eggs and milk from animals raised naturally on small farms is good. Feedlot meat and highly processed foods are bad. Sugar, junk food, soda and juices are very bad.

You might want to pick up this book for more information on how carbs and sugars affect the brain. Stay healthy – cut back on the sugar.




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  1. Nate
    Posted January 31, 2016 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

    Rogue proteins?!? Never heard of them, but sounds like a good idea to this non-chem, non-bio guy.
    Feeding chicken poop to cattle?!?! Sounds downright criminal. What clowns come up with this [stuff]? How can they go home to their families…?
    I like what you say about veganism. The people who claim full vegan is the way to go, and humans were — in their most original state — strictly plant-eaters… These people never tried to get a kid to eat a hot dog with green vegetables on the side for a meal. The vegetables never disappear at the same rate as the hotdogs.

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