Non-Slip Pervious Concrete Stepping Stone

This Instructable is to create a stepping stone out of pervious concrete that has a personalized touch. Pervious concrete allows water to flow through it thus eliminating ponding on the surface that may be slick. The personalized patterned is created by using two different types of aggregate that are different sizes and/or color.

Source: Non-Slip Pervious Concrete Stepping Stone

The non-slip stone allows for much safer walking in gardens and walkways. Because after the pathway is water-logged by a lot of rain or hose watering, the pervious stone remains free of standing water. The stepping stone lends itself to creativity with the various colours of aggregate, (the author used crushed limestone and pea gravel). It also has a stone look that is much prettier than pure concrete.

The author of the Instructable gives a very detailed set of instructions, including how to mix the concrete and aggregate together, dry times, tools to use, and how to make personalized designs. Even a beginner should have no difficulty creating their own beautiful stones.



Non-Slip Pervious Concrete Stepping Stone by Provide Your Own is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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