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Add to the Adventure of Life – Experiment with Yourself!

I came across this great article which talks about how to experiment with your own life. I heartily concur with this idea. Far too often we just lumber through life, accepting what we have been told with little thought. It is time to get off the treadmill and start living.

When I lived in Florida, I belonged to an exotic fruit tree club. In this club we collected exotic fruit trees and tried to get them to fruit (the fruit of our labors were quite delicious). I wanted to grow this particularly tasty fruit, but all the literature said that it could only be grown in cool, high-altitude locations. When I mentioned this to a veteran member he told me to not pay any attention to what the common wisdom held. His words were – “You don’t know if it will grow or not. You won’t really know until you have tried.” Indeed, many of the wonderful fruits we have today are the result of adventurous souls trying to do what was said couldn’t be done.

Do as the article says and perform experiments on yourself. The rewards can be incredible. For example, I have cured myself of three incurable … Read the rest

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15 Minutes a Day …

…can change your life. No, this is not meant as a trite phrase. I really do mean it. This idea was inspired by a short but sweet TED talk by Matt Cutts called Try Something New for 30 Days. After listening to the talk, I started brainstorming about what 30 day challenges I would like to do.

Here is my short list:

  • Clean room/office for 15 minutes every day
  • Practice my violin for 15 minutes every day
  • Work on learning Spanish for 15 minutes each day
  • Do something to give someone an emotional lift or encouragement
  • Work on a goal for 15 minutes every day, even if just to think about it

The last one – working on a goal, would actually be multiple 30 day challenges. Each one would be a goal I have wanted to do for a long time, but never got around to it, or can’t figure out how to accomplish it.

If you look at my list, most of the items are things I have always wanted to do, but never have done so – things like keeping a clean organized room, learning to play violin decently, learning Spanish, and other big goals. As … Read the rest

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Makers & Submarines

Argonaut Jr.

Argonaut Jr.

I found this wooden (yes, wooden) submarine project that I couldn’t resist sharing.What I found particularly fascinating was the well made video describing the project. This modest submarine is a re-creation of the first private submarine and one of the first subs of any kind ever made. The video provides a brief history of submarine development, and describes the chain of human inspiration (which includes Jules Verne) that led Simon Lake to create his unique vessel. It also describes the tremendous odds he had to overcome, and the great difficulty of his accomplishment.

This 8 minute video should be an inspiration to us all in our endeavor to be makers and providers. Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you have any stories of your own personal accomplishments where you overcome obstacles in meeting your goals, please share them as well.

UPDATE: Check out this man’s submarine story as well. If this poor Chinese migrant worker can reach his dreams, why can’t you? What’s holding you back? As his story attests, it is not lack of money or talent that restricts us, but we ourselves. It is time to throw off those … Read the rest

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