The End of Peak Oil

This stunning article asserts that the era of  “fossil fuels” may not be near the end, but at the beginning. New technologies are permitting the recovery of vast lower grade deposits of gas and oil that contain enough energy to last for centuries. This new development does not even take into account the abiogenic theory of oil formation. This theory holds that oil deposits are not fossil fuels at all, but are being continually produced by ongoing natural processes within the earth. While rejected by western geologists, this theory has experienced a resurgence and is credited with providing Russia the abundance of oil it now enjoys.

Regardless of the means by which energy is discovered and recovered, this good news vindicates yet again that people are our greatest assets. Here at ProvideYourOwn, we reject the overpopulation dogma. It is not resources we lack, but imaginative minds, willing hands, and freedom to create and enjoy the fruit of our labor. These things have given the world the prosperity it now enjoys, and it is these things we must cherish and reclaim if we are to see it continue.

Notwithstanding these developments, we still favor the development of individual energy supplies over centralized ones. Not as a matter of public policy, per se, but as a matter of independence. The prices of solar are now affordable in modest amounts, and are getting cheaper.  While it is still not practical for most people to use solar power exclusively, it is now a very viable source for backup power. We are actively working on developing solar backup technologies and information, so stay tuned for future developments.

As I said in  The Coming Energy Revolution, the future is bright. While we may experience some obstacles and man-made problems along the way, an abundant future is in store. Please sound off with your thoughts on energy technologies by adding your comment below.

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