The Cancer Fraud

Recently I went to the viewing of a friend and neighbor whose life was taken by cancer. Or rather that is what we are told to say and believe. What I mean is that I question whether cancer is the almost certain mark of death we are lead to believe or rather the result of widespread ignorance, quackery and even, dare I say – fraud.

The Accusation

Fraud. That is a strong word, and even stronger when used as an accusation. What is this fraud I am accusing of? And who am I accusing? In order to answer these questions, let us compare cancer to a similar disease; adult onset diabetes. This disease shares many common factors with cancer. Like cancer, its diagnosis translates to nearly certain death. The only thing modern medicine can do for the diabetic is to postpone that death; first by drugs, then by insulin, followed by surgery, dialysis or other medical interventions. Compare it to the medical approach to cancer. The goal is identical – prolong the patient’s life by any expedient means, while the disease continues; its true underlying causes unchecked. Surgery, drugs and such are used on cancer patients which is very similar to the treatment of diabetes. Which leads us to our next question. Why is cancer feared and not diabetes?

To answer this question, let us look at the differences between these two deadly diseases. With diabetes, the patient often lives for many years. With cancer it is usually less than five, most of the time less than ten. Secondly, the treatment of diabetes permit the patient to live a fairly normal life. With cancer however, the patient is either being poisoned or irradiated, both of which leads to nausea, illness, extreme loss of energy, and considerable suffering. Lastly, when a person finally succumbs to diabetes, it is a fairly quick death without a lot of suffering. With cancer, the sufferer and his family must endure a long and painful period before the disease takes its final toll.

We can distill these differences down to one – medical treatment. With diabetes it is somewhat successful at mitigating the effects of the disease, while with cancer it is not. In fact, with cancer, it usually makes the patient and his situation worse. It can delay the inevitable to some extent though. It would appear then that if the medical approach were to become as effective in treating cancer as it is with diabetes, then it would probably be accompanied by no more fear and dread than is diabetes. One day, I believe the medical approach to cancer my very well reach such a level. However, even if it does, it would still not really cure anyone, but merely postpone the inevitable death and suffering. It is folly to believe that a cure for cancer will be found and implemented by the medical/pharmaceutical¬† industry. That is not their goal. It would not be in their financial interest to do so, but a treatment that prolongs life by continual medical intervention would be. Why have they not succeeded yet? It is a difficult goal. It wasn’t that long ago that diabetes was as fatal as cancer. One day, the formidable obstacles will be overcome and cancer treatment will become more effective, but only if profitability is maximized.

In truth however, none of us need to face  suffering from either cancer or diabetes. Nor do we need to wait for medical technology to deliver a solution that merely prolongs life a few more years. Why? Because both diseases are easily prevented, and in many cases even cured if the proper response is made before too much damage is done. The truth is that both of these deadly illnesses have a similar root cause Рmalnutrition. If we correct our diet they will simply go away, provided our bodies are not too badly damaged already.

The Basis of the Fraud

Before delving into this causes of cancer, let us examine the fraud I have alluded to. What is this fraud? It is the lies, cover-up, and outright persecution of anyone who tells the truth about cancer being a dietary disease that can be effectively reversed without medical treatment. The fact that diabetes is a similar disease with dietary causes, but does not invite the same attacks and lies, must also be answered in order to bring understanding to the whole cancer controversy. Why do alternative cancer treatments bring such attack, but the ones for diabetes do not? I believe the answer lies in the fact that diabetes is treated fairly successfully by the medical industry, while cancer is not. This difference is profound in its implications. With diabetes, people are perfectly content to use the medical industry for treatment of their disease. In fact, most prefer that treatment, even if it means a premature death, to actually stopping the disease by lifestyle changes. As a consequence, nutritional approaches pose little competitive threat to the industry’s profitability,and therefore the proclaimers of the truth are left in peace.

In contrast, cancer treatment is currently a colossal failure. People are suffering, and then dying. They are desperate for a solution. Most would be perfectly happy with a treatment similar to that for diabetes, but it is not yet available. It is not even on the horizon. Therefore, those diagnosed with cancer are desperate, very desperate. They know the medical industry can’t cure them, so they will accept anything that promises to do so.

Cain Persecutes Abel

Most of us are familiar with the story of Cain and Abel. Abel presents his sacrifice to God, it is accepted, and God is pleased. When Cain does the same.  God is not pleased because his sacrifice was not the kind God wanted. Rather than bring a sacrifice that pleases God, Cain kills his brother.

It really is a strange approach to a problem, isn’t it? Yet that is what men commonly do. If faced with a truth that requires a change, many prefer to kill the messenger of that truth rather than make the change. Sadly, this is also the approach of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

When challenged with the truth the industry kicks their propaganda and persecution into high gear. Their claim is that they are trying to protect the people from charlatans. While that is true in some cases, charlatans are not much of a threat to anyone. After all, if the charlatan’s magic potion fails, the patient can still make a beeline back to the doctor for his remedies. So what is the real threat to medical profitability but a real, genuine, honest to goodness, effective treatment? Such a treatment is an incredible threat to an industry reaping billions of dollars a year in profit from the sales of their potions.

Now at this point, some may wonder, if such a treatment existed could the truth really be suppressed? The answer lies in the insidious nature of the disease. Because it is so feared, people will grasp for any possible hope. That includes snake oil. When effective treatments are attacked and driven underground, then it becomes very difficult for a person to distinguish between effective treatments and bogus ones. If the competing ideas were allowed to freely operate in the daylight, the truth would soon become evident. By driving them underground, competition of ideas is suppressed and distinguishing truth from error is difficult at best. The result is drastic reduction of competing ideas to the failed medical treatments, and therefore a great success to the medical industry’s bottom line.

That, in a nutshell is the cancer fraud. The very fact that those offering alternatives are viciously persecuted is bona-fide proof that effective treatments exist. With this fraud exposed, this article has completed its end. Notwithstanding, it is not my intention to leave my reader hanging for want of the knowledge of these wonderful alternative cancer treatments. Unfortunately, a thorough discussion would fill an entire book. I will present another article in the future which will uncover the basis for evaluating prospective treatments as well as the biological causes and treatments for cancer. Until then, you can avail yourself of the knowledge found in the two books accompanying this article. They are both outstanding sources for understanding this dreadful disease. I highly recommend them both.

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  1. Azia
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

    Way to go on this essay, helped a ton.

  2. Gavin
    Posted July 27, 2011 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    You had me right up to the point of reading this gem “It is the lies, cover-up, and outright persecution of anyone who tells the truth about cancer being a dietary disease that can be effectively reversed without medical treatment.”.

    ***? Seriously – a dietary disease? Reversed without medical treatment?? My mother was SAVED by medical intervention for her cancer. Without it she would be DEAD. I’ve also had to bury relatives who DIED because of cancer. And it had nothing to do with their *** diet. Comparing cancer (you know there are a million different types right? It’s not a single disease) to diabetes is downright retarded and shows just how little you understand about it.

    The whole “shoot the messenger” aspect of this is also retarded. You assume you are right. Where’s your proof? Where are your clinical trials? How many people have YOU saved?

    You know what you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine. Until that point alternative medicine has either been proven to be not right, or not proven to be right. Either way it’s bollocks.

    Finally I don’t have a vested interest in the medical profession, apart from it saving lives. I do have a vested interest in calling out **** when I read it. You’ve been called out.

    • Posted July 27, 2011 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

      Thank you for your reflective comment. I did have to edit out the profanity however. Such language is unnecessary and diminishes the effectiveness of the message.

      Furthermore, I am very glad your mother was saved from her cancer. You also raise some good points which I will address in future post.