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Do you fear getting diabetes, hearth disease, stroke or cancer? Or worse, have you already have dealt with these diseases or one of the other common western chronic diseases? Did you know that other than marginally extending your life and possibly suffering, there is little most doctors, drugs or hospitals can do for you? They can’t cure you from these diseases. They can only provide some extension of life before the disease finally kills you.

Most people have lost any hope of a cure and accept the crumbs offered by doctors. Wouldn’t you like better for yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to prevent ever getting these diseases or if you have them, make them go away and get your health back?

In most cases, you can have exactly that – true health. Only you won’t get it from doctors. You have to provide your own health. Here at Provide Your Own we give you the tools and information you need to not just prevent most modern chronic diseases, but to actually find healing for yourself. Just think about it – no more worries about cancer or heart disease.You can stop spending a fortune on expensive drugs. Don’t like hospitals or Obamacare? If you have great health, you don’t even care about them. By providing your own health, you not only enjoy the immense benefits of good health, but will save significant sums of money.

Conventional Cancer Treatments versus Alternative Cancer Therapies

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My article The Cancer Fraud has begun to elicit criticism from defenders of conventional medicine. It is difficult to change paradigms, especially when so much is at stake. My heart goes out to cancer sufferers and their families. However difficult it is to consider new ideas, we must face them if we are to avoid the inevitable suffering that cancer produces. Conventional medicine is an abysmal failure in treating cancer. It is time to face that fact.

A defender of conventional medicine has raised some good points that I would like to address. Following are his points and my response to each one.

Effectiveness of Conventional Treatments

“You know what you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine. Until that point alternative medicine has either been proven to be not right, or not proven to be right.”

Your definition of conventional medicine is treatments that have proven effective, while alternative medicine is comprised of treatments that are not proven in their effectiveness. When they are, they become conventional medicine.

While in an ideal world, this idea would be sound. In an ideal world, men would always tell the truth. Men would not hide, distort or even overlook information for personal gain. … Read the rest

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The Cancer Fraud

Recently I went to the viewing of a friend and neighbor whose life was taken by cancer. Or rather that is what we are told to say and believe. What I mean is that I question whether cancer is the almost certain mark of death we are lead to believe or rather the result of widespread ignorance, quackery and even, dare I say – fraud.

The Accusation

Fraud. That is a strong word, and even stronger when used as an accusation. What is this fraud I am accusing of? And who am I accusing? In order to answer these questions, let us compare cancer to a similar disease; adult onset diabetes. This disease shares many common factors with cancer. Like cancer, its diagnosis translates to nearly certain death. The only thing modern medicine can do for the diabetic is to postpone that death; first by drugs, then by insulin, followed by surgery, dialysis or other medical interventions. Compare it to the medical approach to cancer. The goal is identical – prolong the patient’s life by any expedient means, while the disease continues; its true underlying causes unchecked. Surgery, drugs and such are used on cancer patients which is very similar … Read the rest

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Microwave Cooking – Is It Safe?

Microwave Oven (via Wikipedia)

There is a popular belief that microwave cooking alters food at the molecular level in ways that render foods cooked in it unhealthy. Phrases like “energetic vibration of molecules” and “artificial alternating current microwaves” are often bandied about in support of this idea. Here at ProvideYourOwn we are not in the habit of supporting politically correct or other common conventions support by industry, but we don’t shy from the truth either, even if it does happen to be mainstream . So, are microwaved foods diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth pdf safe to eat and still healthy? We will answer that question and give the supporting science in this article.

My Story

For many years the Daniels’ family avoided microwave cooking.  We stopped using it several years ago after reading a spate of articles containing the “energetic vibration” phrases. These phrases were scary (they are meant to be), but what really got my attention was the mention of an incident where someone inserted a spoon into a hot drink straight from the microwave and the contents exploded. My thought was that maybe there was some kind of super heating at the molecular level that … Read the rest

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Nuclear Radiation Exposure – What you need to know

We live in a nuclear age, and risks from radiation are all around us. Disasters, both natural and man-made, can cause reactor malfunction and even a melt-down. The recent earthquake in Japan with its unfolding nuclear reactor problems demonstrates the severity of this risk. Not only is much at stake for the Japanese people in this situation, but anyone downwind of the fallout is also in danger of possible radiation exposure, including areas of the US. Reactors are not the only source of risk either. Dirty bombs, real nuclear bomb detonation, and even airport scanners are sources of dangerous radiation exposure.

Radiation is a both mysterious and invisible. Things we can’t see often frighten us because we don’t understand what is going on. In this article I will attempt to take out some of the mystery. I will also provide guidance on how to deal with the potential health dangers. While radiation is potentially deadly, it is better to keep all things in proportion, lest we be terrified of our own shadows. After reading this article, you will be better equipped to assess the risks to your family and have some ideas on how to treat or prevent them.


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Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

I have insomnia. I admit it. I have trouble getting to sleep at night. I don’t know about you, but it has been difficult for me to face that fact, and even harder to face that word. Me, insomnia? It’s like when my doctor told me I had asthma; I didn’t want to acknowledge it.

I knew I had trouble going to sleep at night. I worked on the computer at night oftentimes, and I just wouldn’t be sleepy at bedtime. I compensated by staying up until I did get sleepy – usually around 1 or 2 AM. However, going to bed that late creates its own problems. For starters, it is well documented that going to bed after midnight disrupts your hormones and causes immune system deficiencies. It gave me chronic fatigue.

I don’t have documentation, but I believe, that as part of the hormone disruption I mentioned, going to bed too late causes cortisol deficiency. This deficiency in turn causes the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

After discovering the nasty consequences of going to bed too late I tried to mend my ways. I started going to bed around 10 to 11PM, though often as late as midnight.  It … Read the rest

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